Crime Scene Cleaning

The Grime Punisher has a no-nonsense approach to grime resulting from crime! Crime scene cleaning is intensive and is highly important in order to prevent risk to human health. As bioremediation specialists, we have all the necessary credentials to carry out professional and discreet forensic cleaning; trained by the NACSC (National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners) and authorised by Ultima Environmental. Our services include: sanitisation, decomposition cleans, violent crime scene cleaning, fumigation and sanitisation fogger applications.

How To Arrange Crime Scene Cleaning

It is a common misconception that investigators, forensic examiners or emergency responders will organise cleaning after they have finished at the crime scene. In fact, it is the responsibility of the premise or property owner to schedule this. It may be tempting to do it yourself, however, this presents a significant risk to public health. It is not possible to remove the viruses and bacteria present in bodily fluids through conventional cleaning. The Grime Punisher can conduct professional cleaning at competitive rates, ensuring your premises is left hygienically clean and safe to use. Not to mention, our services are discreet and respectful in order to protect your privacy and the privacy of affected parties. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Trauma Cleaning Services

Bodily fluids and blood are unavoidable at sites where severe trauma has occurred. These distressing incidents can cause further distress to all those who are exposed if they are not professionally cleaned. Efficient trauma cleaning services are of paramount importance. Therefore, The Grime Punisher will:

  • Arrive equipped with all necessary PPE, for cross-contamination prevention
  • Position and secure appropriate coverings to isolate contaminated areas
  • Clean and sanitise the area meticulously with effective cleaning agents
  • Carry out cell cleaning, sanitisation, decomposition cleans and fumigation
  • Use a sanitisation fogger to eradicate any dangerous viruses present
  • Provide discreet and respectful cleaning after traumatic or violent incidents
  • Safely and legally dispose of all hazardous and contaminated waste

Why Hire Professional Forensic Cleaners?

Crime scenes present a bio-hazard due to residual bodily fluids and waste products, that will still remain after regular cleaning. Removing the visual evidence of an incident does not eradicate the health-risk, as cells, bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbes can remain, and multiply. We are trained in chemical and ‘bloodborne pathogen’ exposure, and how to effectively clean while preventing harm to ourselves or others. As such, The Grime Punisher will safely and methodically remove potentially harmful substances from all surfaces, sanitise the area thoroughly and safety dispose of contaminated waste; so you don’t have to put yourself in harm’s way!

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Crime scene cleaning can be arranged discreetly and with the utmost respect. So, contact The Grime Punisher today for a quotation on our forensic cleaning and sanitising services.